Dawson City Groups/individuals

Our members are always on the lookout for groups/individuals in Dawson that are in need of support. Once every 4 months we invite members to nominate a local group before the next meeting.


That’s the only way groups get on our radar – by member nomination.


So, if you’re a Dawson group here’s how you too can get nominated to present at 100 People Dawson:

  • Contact your own volunteers/members/friends and ask if anyone is a member of 100 People Dawson.
  • If there are members in your own ranks – encourage them to nominate your group before the next meeting.
  • If none of them are members, encourage them to  sign up for 100 People Dawson.
  • Sign up for 100 People Dawson and nominate your own group!

Remember – being nominated doesn’t mean you’ll get to present, but it does mean you have a chance. The more nominations your group receives the better chance you’ll have of being selected to present and tell your story! 


If your group is selected to present….

  • Once notified of your selection, groups are asked to keep their participation strictly confidential prior to the meeting.
  • You will be given exactly 5 minutes to present to our members at the meeting (without aid of props, slides or PowerPoint etc.) Just you, a microphone, and a stopwatch.
  • Members of 100 People Who Give a Damn Dawson will hear presentations from two other nominated groups.
  • Once presentations are complete, members in attendance vote by secret ballot to select one of the three presenting groups.
  • If your group earns the most votes it will receive every member’s $100 cheque.
  • Please note: Once selected as the recipient group, you’re ineligible to be nominated or receive funds from 100 People Dawson for one year.
  • The two groups not selected may be nominated again at the next meeting.
  • The recipient group will be asked to present an update on their use of the 100 People Dawson donation at the next meeting.


Presentation Tips

  • Don’t be general or broad: be specific about a project/program you need help with.
  • Don’t spend your five minutes telling us what you’ve done: spend just 1 minute on what you do, and FOUR minutes on what you’re going to do.
  • Don’t sell us on your accomplishments; wow us with your vision.