How it works

Community members, at least those who give a damn, agree to write a $100 cheque once every 4 months. All of those cheques compound on each other, and in an hour $10,000 is donated to a group or cause in Dawson.

We meet 3 times a year where we vote on which group will receive everyone’s cheque. If you can’t attend simply send the cheque with a friend or drop it off in the drop box at the Klondike Visitors Association.

We are a non-organization – no bank account, no fixed address, no opinion. Everything goes to the group. 100%. Always. Otherwise, what are we doing this for?

How do I become a member?

If you would like to become a member please complete the Membership form here:

How long do the meetings last?

Meetings start at 5:45pm and are done by 6:30pm. Doors open at 5:15pm: there are great opportunities to socialize both before and after the meeting.

What should I expect at a meeting?

Expect to be greeted by a volunteer and asked to sign-in at the registration desk. There will be a cash bar and time for mingling with fellow members.

Here’s a short breakdown:
5:15: Registration, socializing, and bar opens
5:45: Meeting begins
– Opening remarks
– Update from the previous recipient
– Each group presents – 5 minutes each, no PowerPoint or collateral materials
– Voting and tabulation – each member circles 1, 2 or 3 on their ballot
– Announce the winning recipient (by simple majority)
– Announce the next meeting & venue
– 6:15: Post-event reception, cash bar

Is my donation tax deductible?

No, not all groups will be registered charities, because of this tax receipts will not be issued by the groups.

What if I cannot attend a meeting?

If a member cannot attend a meeting they should send their regrets to and do one of the following before the meeting:

1. Place your blank $100 cheque in an envelope marked “100 People Dawson” and give it to a fellow member who will be going to the meeting.
2. Place your blank $100 cheque in an envelope marked “100 People Dawson” and drop it off in the drop box at the Klondike Visitors Association
3. Drop it in the mail: 100 People Dawson, box 828 Dawson City Yukon, Y0B 1G0

Can I just send the donation to the group myself?

We prefer that you make use of the channels we’ve created to get your cheque to the recipient. That way, 100 People Dawson will know the full impact of the group each time around.

Can I just give you three post-dated $100 cheques?

Ideally no – because we want to see you at our meetings! But if you’re not a Dawson resident, or you know you’re going to miss all of the meetings, contact us and we’ll figure it out.

Can I give cash in place of a cheque?

Of course you can! Cash, Cheque, Money order, it doesn’t matter –  it all makes a difference.

I live in Sackville/Saskatoon/Sacramento: can I still join? How do I take part from a distance?

We’re really sorry to learn that you don’t live in Dawson. But that should not prevent you from becoming a member. You just need to hook up with a ‘buddy’ who will be attending our quarterly meetings and get your cheques to them – or us – ahead of time.

How are the three presenting groups chosen?

When you sign up to be a member ahead of time you put your nomination on the sign up form, and at each meeting you make your nomination for the following meeting. When we have all of the nominations collected three are randomly selected to present at the next meeting.

What groups can I nominate?

We believe the less guidelines, the better. You can nominate a local charity, a not for profit, or someone in need – as long as you think that the group or person is deserving, then you can nominate them.

I am part of a group – can I nominate myself?

As long as you’re a member of 100 People Dawson – then you can nominate anyone you’d like – but you have to be a member (or know a member that will nominate the group for you!)

How does 100 People Dawson communicate with its members?

Email is our main communication tool that we use. 

We also update our Facebook page regularly.

How long has 100 People Who Give a Damn Dawson been around?

April 20th 2018 was the very first meeting of 100 People Who Give a Damn Dawson

How much of my donation goes to the administration costs of 100 People Who Give a Damn Dawson?

Absolutely zero! 100 People Who Give a Damn Dawson is organized and operated entirely by volunteers. We have no treasurer and we have no bank account – because we don’t collect, spend or donate anything. 100% of funds raised at a meeting go directly to the chosen group! Every last cent/nickel/grand!